June 02, 2008

Back To The Studio...

Commissioned - and - First Purchased
48x24 each

Hadn't mentioned that I was finishing up a commission for the Atlanta gallery... seems a vertical landscape had been purchased but another was needed of the same size for the other side of the bookcase or whatever, not too 'matchy' but obviously of the same character. The first effort was delivered and nixed as it didn't seem to have the same quality of texture, I told them I couldn't match the texture without having the first painting in studio. So both were shipped back to me. Jpegs and email make commissions so much easier these days, especially when there's distance and a decorator involved. After a couple of attempts, the painting was approved, so now to pack and ship with fingers crossed... jpegs have been known to lie!

On another front, repair work underway... any time work returns from one gallery and before sending it off to another, each piece gets a good going over for dings along the edges and corners. It happens. The work is not framed and paint extends on all vulnerable surfaces. This has occasionally meant even on the flat surface of the work, but not usually. It's along the edges and corners that I usually find scrapes and bruises. Work goes out on approval and even I have been known to whap a big one into a door frame... I understand. It's part of the dance. Usually, when going to a distant gallery, I'll take along a "repair" kit of several mixable colors, a butter lid palette and small brush... just in case. Just normal wear and tear until a work finds a permanent home on a wall somewhere... the galleries do an amazing job taking care of so much inventory for bunches of artists!


Martha Marshall said...

Karen, these are great! I love the ease with which you glide from abstract into landscape and back again.

As you know, all my corners and edges are vulnerable to dings as well, and I too have a repair kit at the ready at all times. I always tell galleries and others that just about anything is fixable.

But yesterday, in transporting my textured boxes to the little island gallery down south to show off, I had put some plastic air pillows in between the ones that were facing each other in the box. No problem with the paintings sticking to each other, but I discovered that some of the blue lettering had come off on one of them. I almost liked it enough to leave it alone! But a little ammonia on a sponge took care of it.

Daphne said...

Hi Karen.

Before reading this post I looked at these two pieces and thought that they both reinforced each other so well that I would have to have both of them (if I was buying them!).

So, how nice to find out that one of them was made as a partner for the first one!

As for decorator's well, they certainly can help artists get their work sold, and ideally it is done in a manner of appreciation for the work rather than what we all know happens- that often people are just trying to find something matchy-matchy. Of course that means an artist sold their work too...