May 25, 2008

Thumbs Up!

My few 'traveling' clothes have barely made it through the wash cycle and we'll soon be off on a road trip for the high school graduation for g-kid #2 pictured above. He's every bit as fun as this pic suggests. A guy of many faces, into the theater and visual arts, an entertainer extraordinaire! It's fun to watch these kids grow and explore their future possibilities... but darn! I miss the babies!

When did life get so full? Or perhaps my juggling skills have totally rusted. And TIME! Time has simply shrunk! Efficiency vs personal priorities? Umm... if there's a real option I tend to lump into the personal priority category. Like... what do I really want to do vs the dull 'have to do' list. Simplifying is key. Doesn't help that a fav motto is: If not now, when?

More developing on the art front... but that's a story that will wait until after the fact. Again, simplifying is the underlying theme. Back on the other side...

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Annette Bush said...

Aww, Karen. Your life has always been full. It's pretty wonderful, too!

I can't wait to see what is developing on the art front.