April 24, 2008

Kitchen Heat...

2008 - Riff - 24x36

I've got to move away from the political drama. Nothing stresses me more than to have a kid in trouble and that's the way I feel right now... stressed. Got a lot of faith in my kids, they've all got what it takes to take care of themselves and fulfill their life promise, but there comes a time you must step aside and let them tend to themselves. Barack will survive this test but I'm not sure I will! Aside from reading a few pol-blogs, I'm going to tend my garden and turn off the TV smoke blowers while in the studio.

So... yeah, been painting... building a little stress in that department as well. Sometimes it seems like an awful lot of work! Decisions, decisions... this track or that. So... the other day I took an old painting with a nice buildup of texture but sort of a dingy palette... and I riffed across it with a few loaded brushes in an earlier style that shows more energy than planning... and it felt mighty good! Energy is good... do not forget!


Daphne said...

It's beautiful.

Political drama IS stressful. It looks like you honed all of that energy and emotion and used it to finish a beautiful piece.

What an appropriate name!

Martha Marshall said...

A stunning piece, Karen! And yes, I have had it up to you-know-where with the political noise. Thought I'd never hear myself say that, but I've completely tuned out now.

Joy Logan said...

Love this piece!