February 18, 2008


1995 - Night Tracks - mixed media on paper - 18x30
from a large series of patterns, rugs, tracks

Maybe it's the time of year, maybe it's a recurring event like an eclipse or perhaps simply an annual affliction... but I can be very stubborn about acquiring new t.h.i.n.g.s. I missed all the good sales after the holidays and am proud of it. Somehow my old clothes seem just fine and sparse 'decor' has always been an aim, though as with most minimalism, harder to achieve than most would think... especially after a lifetime of hunting and gathering.

This is not to say I don't have w.a.n.t.s... and having led you to believe I'm totally in control, I'm not. I'm increasingly dissatisfied with my digital camera but the stubborn thing works just fine (except that I must force the lens covering open from time to time). It's obsolete and doesn't have the necessary bling the new ones are touting, mainly, low light shooting and anti-shake features. I like pocket cameras which are not much bigger than my cell phone as I am more likely to have it near me when needed. But mostly (here comes the rationale...) my studio demands it!

Gone are the days when I had to haul paintings outside to photograph. My old digital (plus a good photo editing program) has proven itself worthy of capturing a decent likeness of my work right where it hangs, though I know it isn't giclee quality, I don't print giclees. Still, I wouldn't mind stepping the image quality up a notch. But the main thing... although I have a tripod and use it for final photos, the idea of a shake free image is a real sales magnet! For some reason, my camera seems to have gotten shakier and I can't have that!

So... I did a little research and lo! Amazon is obliging with a new Fuji FinePix F50fd! Weee!... a brand new learning curve! Now, I know you big time camera pros will hoot, but I don't carry heavy stuff around anymore... I don't even carry a purse! It's gotta fit in my jeans pocket or it stays at home! (Toting assorted shoulder gear including a laptop through numerous airports on two continents a couple of years ago introduced me to rotary cuff damage and PT so I am no longer a designated pack horse!)

Now... as to those t.h.i.n.g.s I don't need, I'd sure like a new computer but this one isn't cooperating... damned Dell! It knows I've been researching a sleek new Mac...


Annette Bush said...

I suggest that you finish your research and then go to a camera store where you can hold it in your hot little hand, I picked my Olympus Stylus 710 because the ones I thought I wanted didn't set well! It fits on a skinny little tripod I have for good shots, but the anti-shake feature IS nice. Yeah, I still love my iPhone for most candid shots.


Karen Jacobs said...

Good advice but there are so many options out there it boggles the mind... in every category imaginable! I skipped the personal try-out this time and hope I won't be sorry... I just went with reviews, stars awarded and my personal requirements. Fingers crossed. Should have it in a few days.

Daphne said...

And I have passed on the research to my husband because I simply can't fathom searching through all of the information. My biggest desire is the anti-vibration aspect as well. And I can't figure out why my current five year old digital has a small red laser light that doesn't turn off during a shot. It's incredibly annoying to zoom in and see a red spot.

Good luck. We actually found that Ebay had many manufacturers were selling off their in-house models after New Years.

CMC said...

I still like both my Canon cameras..large XT for best images of paintings and the little SD800IS to carry around. I also decided I like the monopod to keep from moving it better than the tripod to set up outside...still outside for now for me.