January 25, 2008


You know what I like about having my own personal blog? If I think something is special and worth publishing, I can do it. I can just do it! So there it is... a near perfect calligraphic 'O' just 'cause I dipped a loaded brush into a cup of medium, gave it a flick and moved on. Later in the day I saw and marveled and here it is for the world to see. Enjoy!

Another artist blogger is being much more productive, gathering info and publishing the findings of what makes artist bloggers tick... I doubt that my answers were any deeper than this cup of medium... but check it out for yourself. Seth Apter of The Altered Page has asked 35 artists 7 questions and will disperse the answers, one question at a time, daily beginning Jan 24... here's the first question. An ambitious and interesting undertaking... thanks for inviting me to join in, Seth.


Kim said...

Karen, Happenstance is a beautiful thing! Thank you so much for sharing the one you saw today!

Also, thank you for the heads up about Seth's blog...it will be fun to watch.

Annette Bush said...

Love the 'O.' Love my blog for the same reasons. I just write when I think of something with only an occasional apology since I do get a little weird occasionally.

It does seem that blogs are growing like Topsie. They are not little journals anymore, are they? Hoo, boy! Interesting to see which blogs Seth's artists read. Wow!

KJ said...

Happenstance is what it's all about in this world of creativity isn't it... along with taking time to stop to sniff the roses... oh, yeah!

Maralena (AKA: mcdc3s) said...

Great meeting you via The Altered Page project!

I'm enjoying your blog. ~mcdc3s

eb said...

this image is exquisite!

xox - eb.