December 23, 2007

This And That...

2007 - Theatrics - 36x60

I'm pleased with the way this painting finally came together. With so many uncoordinated thoughts going on, establishing unity becomes quite the challenge. Perhaps it speaks to our multi-tasking way of life, always an interruption demanding our attention elsewhere. At one point I turned to my cache of inked papers from last year's bokusho paintings and began wondering how they might interact. I don't want to repeat those paintings, but I don't want to deny them either. A few squares positioned themselves front and center and seemed meant to be. A few more translucent color coats and it was a done deal. I like the counterpoint of the side supporters... a little competitive yet staying in harmony.

: : : : : : : : : : :

I'm not a big holiday person... my friend Patti was really into Christmas and there's no doubt that this was the most appropriate time for her to gather her loved ones to mix and mingle. But between the reality of loss and my normal, annual anxiety at this time of year, it's just best I hunker down in the studio and wait for the new year to turn the page.

Thanks to all who left comments over the last few posts... it really helps to know you guys are out there and understanding. I wish you all the best of the season... enjoy it with children if at all possible. They are the promise of Christmas, they are the ones who delicately hold all our hopes and dreams...


Daphne said...

I've been thinking a lot about how busy we seem to be as a society too. It's crazy but how to slow things down?

Loss is so much harder during this holiday. It's a time to be together and feel warm.

And even when it isn't our family member who is gone it's difficult to stop thinking about other families.

This will be the second Christmas for my friend to be without her husband. Her youngest still thinks that her dad will come home.

Sometimes I forget that we won't see him again because he was so alive. His children are coming over today to play with mine. For the most part they are doing beautifully. My son says that they are like our family. And he's right. We've been with them through so much, first the good times and then the bad ones.
I guess my point is that I understand how difficult it is to experience death and have to move through those first few holidays. How can we feel the same? I guess we can't.

But you're right. Spend it with children. They still feel the magic of the season. And when they're young it's hard not to get a sense of that excitement as well.

Merry Christmas Karen.

Jacie said...

Absolutely, a great painting Karen! You should see the image on my Mom's Mac!

Walker said...

what an interesting combo-painting!
I see the Bokusho part - the parts I relate to your plane tree drawings, then on the left is a portion of last year's work, then on the right is some of your newer work, the landscapes. Good job!

Holidays make me feel the loss of important people in my life, and I'd just as soon pass by that as quickly as possible. I'm already projecting into my January workload, which I'm itching to get at! All the best to you, Karen,

Nancy Natale said...

Hi Karen,
I just discovered your site through Joanne Mattera's blogroll. Your recent work is especially beautiful. I know that the simplicity is achieved through very difficult work of paring back - always a struggle for me. You have quite a work history - very inspirational to see your work over a long period and its development. Thanks for showing it!

So sorry to read about your friend. My sympathy and tears for her and for your loss. Art friendships are rare and cherished.

Best wishes to you,