December 10, 2007

Henry Moore's Studio...

Just wanted to give a quick pointer to Olga's blog as she recalls her tour of Henry Moore's studio. Great photos of work in progress... a must see!

Also, in collecting old signatures for the last post, I forgot to include the one I use an the bottom of each of my web pages, so here ya go:

It's pretty much what I aim for on canvas but the slipperiness of the surface sends the pencil sprawling.


Olga said...

Thank you for the link.

Signatures are an interesting subject. I like yours not only for its flourish but because it does not distract from the work itself. I must say that I hate seeing a signature on a white mount on a photo for instance. My own signature has remained fairly consistent over the years, but I tend to keep it to the back of my work - although when I was running the knitwear business it was my signature that was my garment tag. In that case it could be said that that pride came before a fall!

KJ said...

Didn't know about the knitwear business... sounds like an interesting chapter in your life with textiles. Signature as label sound appropriate.