October 29, 2007


'Odyssey' In The Contemplation Spot

Confession... I subscribe to several home decor blogs, maybe because of ongoing renovation at the lake house, maybe because I think it's relevant to keep up with what's "in style" since I'm in the business of catering to that 'style'. Not one to be out and about in social mode in recent years I don't see much of what's being bought and sold these days so I take my cues online.

Decor has nothing to do with art, right? Wrong! Well, maybe on a certain level... when art is more commodity than interaction but for the rest of us, we are basically in the business of pleasing varying and morphing tastes, our own included. So it's good to know what "taste" currently looks like... and there's a lot of that going around out there. Apartment Therapy is a biggie and very prolific... a fun browse not limited to small apartments. I discovered and took up with Silk Felt Soil after a Google Alert showed that several of my Bokusho paintings were being featured... I like her taste! Dear Ada picks up on art she likes from around the web, no preference to hierarchy, just a wide range of personal choices as accessories, often prefaced by "I love this!" There are bunches of other blogs focusing on the finer accessories of which art is just one, check out their sidebars.

Lest you think this is cheapening our artistic influences, hence our artistic creations... no less that Lari Pittman, that California mover and shaker of contemporary painting, admits to... well, here's the story:

In the LA Times, Dean Kuipers spends 60 seconds with Lari Pittman. "I always take the time to look at the women's clothes and shoes. It's not that I'm interested at all in wearing them, but I am interested to see how they're made and what ornamentation is taking place. It's not that it's a correct view of American culture, but it is a view."

So there ya go... I won't say I'm at all influenced by what they're showing about how we should be decorating, but like the man said... it is a view.


Daphne said...

Of course it's sad that art is bought by designers, decorators and architects as a commodity as you said.

By I completely agree that it is another means of getting our work out there.

And of course, there are a lot of designers and architects who are also artists.

All of us have been trained or have honed our skills of rhythm, balance, composition, texture, juxtaposing soft and hard, smooth and rough, etc.

And if the furniture we choose,and the walls we build and put colour on are important to so many people then it is clearly going to reflect what people are interested in buying in art as well.

I know it's your blog, not mine but I'm glad that you wrote about this. I like Apartment Therapy too.

self taught artist said...

kj love the links, thanks for sharing them
~ always like to find interesting sites that show things you dont see on every other blog.

Walker said...

well, since I'm IN the decor end of the art business, maybe I should study up! Thanks for the reminder.

KJ said...

I don't think the fact that many of our buyers are decorators is bad at all. They could as easily be buying from imports and charging the same big prices... let's hear it for the decorators! Then there's that "Art vs art" argument (with capital A) where only the very art-educated can appreciate quality and therefore buy 'Art' rather than the more common 'art.' I suspect the playing field will be much more level before long, Daphne. Don't know if that's a good thing or not.

Annie B said...

"Odyssey" looks fabulous there above the fireplace!