October 10, 2007

Arkansas Trip

Back from a quick but mileage filled weekend in Arkansas... a very beautiful state though we were too early to catch the fall color. A few years ago our oldest son turned his accumulated retail experience into a marketing position with the Arkansas State Parks and snatched his dream job. He's a kid who has always preferred the outdoors and now it's his to promote. The day's tour of several intensely beautiful parks was one photo op after another. It's a state that doesn't get the rave scenic reviews of some of our western states but maybe it's best that way... let the mobs go elsewhere!

We also spent a day with our two oldest g-kids... one is at the University of Arkansas studying Technical Theater (she's aiming at Stage Manager right now) and the other in his last year of high school assessing a different kind of future every time we see him. Both have had extensive acting experience in the community and school theaters. They will continue to be fun to watch.

Made my delivery to the Memphis gallery, received some strokes about how my work gets continued good response, making lots of try-out treks... backed up with a nice check and promise of another soon. It's a relatively small gallery with not much space beyond the dedicated show area, but an easy to browse storage area in the back room. So many variables come to play when assessing a quality gallery... definately not a 'set in stone' formula.

Much to do today... did nothing yesterday, still trying to settle back into routine...

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Annette Bush said...

Glad the trip was good and that you are back safe and a little richer.