September 18, 2007

Lack of Deadlines

Archives - 1991 - Watercolor Sketch - small

"A goal without a deadline is a wish." (Cindy Rold)

I don't usually follow the self-improvement gurus with their pump-it-up speeches and books but every once in awhile I come across one of their bullet quotes that hits me in a vulnerable spot. The above statement holds true. I doubt that I would have ever brought my painting career to a respectable point had it not been for deadlines. I joined the race early by entering watercolor competitions on increasingly difficult levels... nothing like it to sharpen your abilities as well as your work ethnic. Towards the end of that ten year period I had complicated wall calendar that directed me as to the current status of slides or paintings to be shipped or received and dates of future competitions down the road. I think watercolor has the most organizations involved in established competitions, local, regional, national and International. I gave it a good run. Later, gallery shows, group or solo, took their place... fewer but more demanding deadlines.

Fast forward to today's world and other than the occasional solo show (of which you've heard my gripes, complaints and swearing off) I only have 'soft' deadlines. Vague promises to deliver more paintings along this line or that. Even commissions aren't really commissions anymore, more like possibilities that don't usually pan out but I've inventoried another painting, whoopee! Maybe someone else will like it.

So... looks like I've got lots of wishes that may or may not come true. Did I just see a shooting star? Or was that a falling star... make a wish just in case...


Annie B said...

That's a great quote, sobering though it may be. Nice little watercolor study, too. I'm looking forward to watching the progress of your new explorations in landscape.

KJ said...

Thanks, Annie... wouldn't hurt to get out the w/c's and pick up the sketching again... could work out a lot of kinks that way.