September 12, 2007

Chris Ray

Back in 1999, sculptor Chris Ray (unknown to me) emailed and asked if it would be okay to feature my paintings on his site as he was setting up space to curate a few reviews of work he liked on the Internet. I said sure and didn't think much about it until he sent me the link. I was most impressed, not only with the professional handling of his selection of my work but the review he wrote... based solely on the work and no conversation with me.

A year or so ago I was looking through his site again and learned that Chris died in 2000. Although we had exchanged only a few emails I felt I'd lost a friend. His website remains intact and I thought I'd point it out since one doesn't know just how long these sorts of tracks will remain in cyberspace. And also to again acknowledge my appreciation... good things happen and should not be forgotten.

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