June 04, 2007

Color As A Found Object... Oops!

1985 - Azalea Splash - 11x30

We're way overdue for quality time at the lake... J's sprain is still sprung but there's too much to do to put it off. He'll just have to take it easy and work on small projects. I've been collecting Oops paint from HD and Lowes (returned and marked waay down) and will start painting the downstairs with whatever seems appropriate or can be mixed to something close. I found a gallon of a gorgeous shade of geranium red and can't decide which room deserves it. There's a very large bath, also a long skinny laundry room, both windowless... either could use some color excitement.

Whatever isn't used will wind up in the studio as underpaint as I build up layers. I always finish the paintings with good quality acrylics, usually Golden, but as I work larger these days, it takes an awful lot of paint to create my idea of a proper surface... hence, Oops!

I think I'll gather my w/c supplies and take them all to the lake. There's something about my main studio that sez 'same ole, same ole' demanding that I actually work on REAL paintings, suitable for gallery inventory. Well, shoot me now! It's summer, I want to play... REAL paintings will just have to wait! I've given thought to eventually taking my oils down there as well... but let me see if I can actually make myself set aside time to sketch and dabble with paint.

Yes... go pack up the watercolors... every last tube and scrap of paper! Ummm... maybe I'll see if I have all the parts to my dismantled old drafting table... it used to be a key piece of furniture in my small studio there.


I understand this creative list by Hugh MacLeod might become a book. Includes a 31 point list of tips, cool enough, followed by an expanded list that's just plain good reading. I think he pretty much covers everything you need to know about the tending to the creative side of life.


Daphne said...

Hi again.

I was thinking about you yesterday and I was wondering what your studio looks like.

Maybe you could put a photo of it here.

I have visions of my future studio that keep me sane...for now any horizontal surface where there is sunlight has to do.

KJ said...

Hi Daphne... I've had several pretty good studios over the years and I used to have a page of images of my studio on my web site... I'll try to make a project out of getting it set up again, but no time today. If you click on the sidebar label for 'studio' it will pull up assorted blog entries that feature a few images of my work area, though none really get the whole scene. I do have lots of windows that open up to the woods outside... very nice atmosphere for a basement studio. I will have to clean it up before another photo session, however. I tend to stack stuff.

CMC said...

ha ha ha....would have to do LOTS of clean up in my studio before any photography. Encaustic stuff is covering the WHOLE table with no room for anything else.

Have a good time at the lake.

Martha Marshall said...

Sounds lovely. Hope you have fun kicking back.

Christina said...

The Hugh McLeod link is a hoot. I was struck by #23.Worrying about "Commercial vs. Artistic" is a complete waste of time. At the moment, I spend time wondering what will sell at my galleries and what to make next. I will have to go back to this list from time to time. I am sure something else will hit me on a different day.