May 19, 2007


2004 - Priority - 48x60

Perception > mis-or-non communication > false assumptions > nightmarish projections. Does it follow that way for you? A void of just enough information to know what is actually going on... so what happens? The blanks are filled with the worst possible scenario. (If family is reading... no, I'm not talking about you... this time.)

Trying to generalize, trying not to give a false 'perception'. But wanting to wriggle free of a vague suspicion, best to just say that the value of communication cannot be underestimated. The source of my concern is not a big thing and it could coast on by with little wake or disturbance. Yet it persists like a nagging itch, exaggerating it's importance beyond reason.

There are those who thrive on constant dialog and consequently know every last detail of anything that concerns them. But for one not so gifted, who strains to take the verbal initiative, it's hard work to request info that should have been forthcoming in the first place. Perhaps at fault is the projection of being 'above it all'... that consequences are irrelevant and who cares anyway. Maybe... and this is where the nightmare part begins, no news is definitely not good news.

Having said this, the word coming (reluctantly) down the pike indicates the news is good enough, but there remains a thought that there's a tag line somewhere. I should get over it.

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