May 28, 2007

Memorable Memorial Weekend

Where was I? For that matter, where am I? What day is this? What happened? Note to self... two days at lake house is max. Three days seems to play havoc with the equilibrium, especially when kids are involved.

We were all ready to show off our handiwork to old and new friends, and since J is still limited in his ability to do much and all major and most minor projects are on hold, we opened our lake house to holiday friends and enjoyed.

Guests on Thursday, a long time artist friend and her husband who will soon be moving to Philadelphia... wonderful visit on the deck then dinner at a seafood restaurant right on the river.

2001 - Steppe 2 - 36x24
Guests on Saturday, good friends from way back, great lunch in the restored historic district of our small town, not far from the lake house. We ducked into a few 'shoppes' including a gallery owned by an old friend. I once was a regular there but drifted away as I sought brighter lights elsewhere... they still have one piece displayed prominently, pictured at left, I never got around to picking it up... maybe I felt it was an anchor holding my place. I hope so. Here are a few pics from my 1997 solo show. Obviously a mixed bag of styles, but it's that kind of gallery... friendly folks with something for everyone.

Sunday was wipe out day... our daughter and her two girls, our neighbors and their two boys, same ages and great buddies... our new pedal boat and a huge inflatable tube... great fun for all, even those just watching. The kids initiated the over sized checkers game. We haven't had a chance to clean and paint a checker board so I just gave them sidewalk chalk and told them to draw their own... and they did. Grilled the usual burgers and dogs, dessert was a peach cobbler gift from the previous guests... ummmm, good! Local neighbors also paid a visit... a busy day.

Monday we started gathering ourselves for the return trip... slowly. I'd hoped to do a bit of boating myself so the sail boat and pedal boat were docked, not put away. But I was dragging and since this isn't usually my job, I decided to just get things done and save the fun for another time. Trying to make long story short, I needed to get in the sailboat to paddle it over to the boathouse, and in the process of transferring my bod from seawall to sailboat I managed to land in the wet space between the two. It was only about three feet deep but when you go down fanny first, that's enough to saturate all six feet of me. Including watch and cell phone, which, BTW, seem to still work!

So now one boat is secured in the boat house and the other is drifting away. Fortunately it's on a dead end destination so I have time to undo one boat to use to rescue the other. Takes me a while to figure the logistics of getting them both secured, I'm not a happy camper, I'm bone tired, dripping wet and I want to go home. I'll sure be glad when J's foot is all better. He makes it all look so easy. Physical therapy begins this week, good sign!

(note: left camera at lake, pics with line border compliments of daughter's blog.)


Martha Marshall said...

Simply idyllic. Well, except for the unexpected dunking and the drifting boat.

I couldn't believe those paintings were from only 10 years ago. When I clicked on the show page I was thinking "well . . . where are Karen's?"

How we've changed.

KJ said...

Y'know, I did a double take as well when I realized that show was only ten years ago, but looking back in my inventory file (by year) there were lots of abstracts not all that different. At that time I had a couple of galleries where realistic work went over better than abstract and I went with the flow. Still lifes were always a good bet. Good fodder for a post...