April 30, 2007

Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)

Was wondering out loud to an e-friend as to why some blog posts carry a " Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)" at the bottom of individual posts, and some don't. Mine does, hers doesn't. She started digging and came up with this page which addresses the problem. Seems some bloggers are still using the same template they had before upgrading to Beta and it doesn't include this handy link. They've got code and instructions on how to insert but I'd think just changing out your template would do the trick if you don't want to get into the guts of HTML and CSS.

I think it's the neatest thing since drag-and-drop because comments have always been a klutzy way to follow a conversation... remembering to check back, or even check your co.mments.com list for recent updates. What a bore! Now, any post I chose to follow comments on will land in a "comments" folder on my reader of choice, Bloglines.com (Who has time to check them all out? If you know of a jazzier reader, let me know, though I find no fault with this one.)

Anyway, I've become aware that there are lots of blogs out there wearing outdated templates and thought I'd let you know. If I leave a comment, I wouldn't want to miss the talk-back.

Poison Ivy Update... had a fit with it this morning as I sat down to read overnight email, dipped into last night's coffee mug and liberally spread cold java over the area... it took a minute but it's been tame ever since. I know it's all in my head... I'm no dummy! But hey, whatever works!


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