April 20, 2007

Good Trip

Did I say Atlanta is an 'easy day's drive'? It's a long day no matter how you dice it... especially when it seems like everyone is leaving the city at the same time. But it was worth it... the paintings were well received, talk was very positive and upbeat. They didn't want to send anything back and asked for series works on paper, unframed, when I got a chance... forgot (or shoved back into the recesses) they'd mentioned earlier that decorators are calling for such. Seems this big new project is an ultra retirement home of mega bucks... good to know the boomers are calling for such grandiose digs to be available.

I've been with this gallery since '94 and they've been very good to me. They are well established in the historic (and very affluent) Buckhead area. The mother/daughter team, assisted by a terrific director, have steered me well over the years. I came to them at a time when I didn't really have a direction and needed to be molded. Although it hurt to sometimes take home 3/4's of what I'd brought to show them, they were very supportive, knew their market, and I was okay with that. It's paid off well, we have a terrific relationship and they've built a nice following for my work. I just couldn't help but think about the differences between then and now.

Tomorrow, I'd better get serious about pulling the Memphis show together! Including that 'deconstructed' mess that will take a miracle to reconstruct. Arg!


Martha Marshall said...

I'm glad that went well. Always a boost!

I have heard the prediction that an increasing number of boomers are going to be looking for luxury goods, i.e., second homes, art, etc. I couldn't swear to that from this "boomer's" take on things, but from an artist's perspective I sure hope this person is right!

KJ said...
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CMC said...

I've heard or read the same thing about 2nd homes and boomers, etc. As an on the edge boomer, it hasn't happened for me personally but I'll be happy to sell a few paintings to those who are. :>)
In fact, my friend in AZ just did such a thing as sell one in less than 24 hours of receiving it from me.......to a 2nd home buyer.