March 05, 2007

Taking Off

1997 - Blue Tracks - 36x60

Tomorrow, Tues, I'm off for Santa Fe! It's a good time for a change of pace and scenery. I've been exhausted for the past few days, could just be spring fever... or, more likely, lack of conditioning. Perhaps a few good walks down Canyon Drive and the rural countryside will be the ticket to getting back into shape... gotta get moving or I'll rust in place! I'm quite sure that's the problem and the key. I expect a full recovery, walking has always been my sport. Will be back late Sat.

The above canvas was the invitation piece for a solo show in New Orleans. Part of a transitional series based on rug patterns and traipsings that cross them. I thought it looked a little southwestern-ish and appropriate for this post.


Joanie San Chirico said...

Bon Voyage! I'm SO jealous.

meno said...

I love Santa Fe. Have a great time. I am jealous.

Joe said...

Wow Mom - I just hung that painting in our house last week! (In case you were wondering where it was.)