February 22, 2007

No Pics Yet...

2001 - Charade - 36x36
Obviously, no installation shots yet, will have to make do with a painting I spotted as my screen saver flashed by. It brought back NOLA memories as it was painted about the time of our move. It was an early offering to my new representative in the area as my 11 year relationship with an earlier gallery dissolved just before it closed it's doors. It also reminds me that I'm way overdue to get some new work down there. Yes, art is still selling in New Orleans. No, the market hasn't returned with it's former energy (speaking from my own experience, not official data) but there's promise that it will. There are an awful lot of visitors who love NOLA and make it a point to spend money there... doing their part for the local economy. Bless their hearts!

Speaking of my screen saver, I'm enjoying the review of past paintings as I reselect an inventory folder by year every few days. I'm currently only looking at abstract work and I've been fairly prolific, so there are many that I hardly remember since they left the studio quickly and never returned... or maybe they were painted over. Glad I've got good images.

Talked with my gallery here, thinking I'd cross town and take my installation images, wanted to be sure none were out on approval, as sometimes happens just before an opening. Was assured the show is smashing... good strokes are always appreciated. Decided instead to arrive early before the opening to take the pics and tend to other stuff... anything to avoid getting out in the traffic around here.

The weather finally warmed up and I was able to begin removing bushels and bushels of leaves which stubbornly attach themselves in hard to reach places. We've arranged the landscaping to take advantage of as much natural space as possible but there are still a few "civilized" spots that simply don't appreciate leaf mulch. So it's good to be outside with a rake... I think I'll go civilize another spot.

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