January 16, 2007

Lull Before Storm

2005 - Ridge 3 - 24 x 24

Back from the lake, a productive couple of days that took us out of the really hard work realm and into 'making pretty' by putting together a real bed and making a comfortable retreat from sawdust and general dishevel. Since we work at a snail's pace compared to years past, it's most important to have this refuge when it's too cold or otherwise uncomfortable to be out on the deck. The weather was tepid but rainy, being on the warm side of the cold most of the nation has been experiencing. I'd forgotten one of the benifits of the extra wide eaves, you can actually sit outside in the rain and stay dry up against the house! I love it!

But one overnighter was enough and we were glad to return to a normal house... just as we'll be anxious to leave again in just a few days. It's a working balance. Not really motivated to return to painting for upcoming shows just yet so I've been working on a 6'x8' landscape diptych which, as usual, has been giving me fits. I'd put a cluster of tall pines in the foreground to camouflage the break in the two canvases and it just wasn't working compositionally. So wiped them out and simplified the whole shmeer... and it's working much better now. Not well enough to digitalize and show the world, but with a little luck, maybe soon. Unless panic grips again and the trauma of deadlines takes over my life. Lots of swearing off of anything resembling a future show commitment usually follows.

The painting above is on paper applied to cradled panel which was covered with canvas. I'm hearing that works under glass are in fashion once again so maybe this step won't be necessary. I'd like to eventually be able to pull off the simplicity of this type of landscape on a much larger scale, but I'm seldom satisfied with such a sketchy painting on larger sizes.


Lyn in MT said...

I know you do not sell off your website, but is this one for sale anywhere? It is really beautiful, as usual. You remind me of another friend that balances nesting with art and creates much beauty in the process. Lyn in MT

Martha Marshall said...

Karen I love this! Looks like your neck of the woods.

Works under glass, huh? I'm seeing a lot of that on walls in the designer magazines. And they are smaller and in groupings. Interesting.

leslyf@gmail.com said...

Karen - two very interesting posts and two lovely paintings. I must try and experiment more ... have a lot to learn yet!

Thank you for joining Art Blogs 4 U ... its great to have you aboard.

As I have not found a to contact you by email can I ask you here if the category 'Abstract' is OK (only one per artist, I'm afraid)? Also if you want to be added to the Art Blogs 4 U mailing list (occasional random News about the site)I will need an e-mail address.

So pleased to have you in the group!

KJ said...

Sorry to be late getting back to your comments, it's been that kind of day. Lyn, I'll be talking to you, the painting has been "parked" with a decorator who has had it longer than necessary so I should have it back soon.

Martha... yeah, what goes round, and guess that means glass as well. I suppose that could be our own Red Mountain, though slightly exaggerated.

Lesly, I didn't realize that was your link site... great job! Sure, "Abstract" says the most about what I do, but I couldn't make that decision for some reason. Nice to have you make it for me.

Thanks for you comments, always appreciated.