December 07, 2006

Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

Today's the day a bunch of my art buddies are gathering in Miami for the big Art Basel bash and here I sit! I signed on early when the idea was first presented but copped out about a month ago when I decided there was no way... sure there was a way, I just had to make it happen. Rats!

I've traveled with several of the group before, including NYC to see the Christo Gates, France for a month long residency and Atlanta for a gallery run. I'm thinking hard about what I'm missing! Blogs by three of the travelers are Robin, Martha and Cheryl who will be rubbing it... umm, er... showing and telling by the first of next week.

I was coolly ignoring the whole affair when I read Culture Grrl's tongue in cheek take on the occasion and I laughed. If I can't join in the fun, I can commiserate with other's who pretend to be glad we aren't in the thick of it. Or try...

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Martha Marshall said...

Karen you were very much missed. My brain is still busy trying to sort it all out. Stay tuned!