December 15, 2006


Bokusho - Orb - 48x48

Not much to say, just wanted to show that I'm still giving it all I've got in the studio, interspersed with hard work at the lake house. I'll give a photo update soon.

This painting was pretty much finished a month or so ago but hung in the contemplation spot over the fireplace for a long while... I feared going too far with it and finally simply put a border around it and called it done. If you note irregularities or imperfections in lining up the grids... in all my work, for that matter, it's intentional. I think my biggest problems happen (the recent Domino painting, for instance) when I fail to exaggerate the irregularities. This is particularly troublesome on large paintings... must remember that!


Lisa Call said...

Karen, it has been interesting reading about your thoughts on your latest pieces. I see so many similarities between what you are doing and making quilts. Trying to use a grid but finding it rather static and boring - looking to loosen it up with "irregularities". All thoughts in my head.

And here you even talk about putting on a border - I believe you are a quilter at heart. :)

And I love the work - the pieces definitely speak to me.

Lyn in MT said...

This is gorgeous, Karen. Feels like a different spot on your new road, but also feels like you. Beatiful. Lyn in MT

Walker said...

love it!

martham said...

Me too. Love the little surprises sneaking out of the boundaries.

Jacie said...

So cool! It's crawling out!Ya done good, very interesting!:)~

Alan R. Kelchner said...

As much as I like your red period, I think I like the bokusho even better. This one is spectacular in it's simplicity. I love it.

KJ said...

Lisa, you found me out... I've done my share of quilting, with thoughts of taking it to a contemporary level... but where does the time go?

Alan, I bet you're relating to the piecing and quilting aspects of these little squares as well, aren't you? I'm being pulled two ways, will have to merge the old and new somehow.

Thanks to all for the supportive comments... means so much! KJ

Steven LaRose said...

This is one of my new favorites.
New, and yet steeped in the past. I think it feels like an inverted Enso.