October 19, 2006

Before Bokusho

2005, Catalyst 2, 24x24

I took new paintings to my local gallery today... I'd promised them new work but had been putting it off, knowing I'd have to finally show the new Bokusho work. Actually, I have several small ones in New Orleans but these are more developed and the door is open wide now. They represent what my Feb show will look like, I explained to my reps. Always appreciative, they wanted to know the story first hand (they'd already read my early explanation on my website.) I gave them the song and dance, but as I checked through some older inventory at the gallery, I realized that there is more to the story.

Up until about two years ago, I, like so many other artists, was fascinated with the many imported handmade papers to be found in art supply stores and websites, but preferred to use them discreetly as in the Venture Series. I began to see the same papers being used by other artists and became uncomfortable with the use of them in my own work. So I started playing around with making my own... not quite knowing what I wanted my efforts to look like, I just didn't want to learn later that I'd said something offensive in a language I didn't understand! The image above incorporated the use of a blotted Viva paper towel. Mixed media can mean most anything!

So that was how it was when I went to France in April, 06. The primary art materials I took were ink, rice paper and various brushes. Also a bit of watercolor, just in case, but the ink turned out to be the key to a new motivation.

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Martha Marshall said...

A "backstitch" in time. Isn't it interesting to discover continuity that isn't obvious at first glance.