September 27, 2006

Earth Sculpture Prep

Knuckle Boom Crane With Grapple Bucket! Oh, man! Just saying that makes me feel sweaty and in need of a Budweiser! Was talking with Jake (sounds more macho than just J) about the first appraisal received on the lake lot job and we realize we need to know more about what equipment they will be using so we can better compare the various look-see's that vie for the job. As we were out cruising, we stopped at a big (extra long) dump truck doing clean up work, and asked the name of the thingy on his truck. I've seen this guy on professional wrestling shows... (well, maybe news clips of same)... you know the type, blond handle bar moustache with goatee, white tee shirt with the sleeves ripped out ((no, not Merlot... I said Budweiser!)) Big ole grin that said "Glad you asked, M'am." He gave us his card and we quickly wrote down the name of the gizmo on his truck... just so I don't embarrass myself when trying to sound knowledgeable. Anyway, the more we learn, the better we will be able to take on the job of "giant earth sculpture!"

The pics show the green wall we are facing, with tiny patches of blue water. Jake's actually hacked away at the keyhole view, making it somewhat bigger, but obviously, we're gonna need more muscle... like that knuckle-grapple thingy. I drew a circle around the boat house... it really is there.

Many thanks for the warnings about potential loss of top soil and other precious commodities. That's not escaped my concern list. Hoping the extensive covering of English ivy will hold most soil in place. Right in the middle of the target area is a large, well budded wild azalea. No way it can escape ruin, but I'm going to flag it just in case there's a soft heart in the crew. Below is the view looking back up at the house. Did I mention that I was once able to make it all the way up on four rings of the phone? With enough breath left to actually answer it! I carry a cell now, lazy me...


Anonymous said...

Knowledge is Power.
Your Property is Sculpture.

Annette said...

Do we get to come for an opening when the 'sculpture' is finished? It is sure to be spectacular.

A second note about the topsoil: Ivy will only prevent the erosion if it's still there. I mean that they literally scooped it up and hauled it away to sell!

KJ said...

Of course you're invited! But don't wait until it's finished... you know how these kinds of projects can drag on! As to the topsoil, we're making a very detailed list as to what we want done, and will insist on being there when it happens. We're hoping much of it can be chipped and made into mulch to spread where we want to hold down weeds.