August 28, 2006


Bokusho/Pentimento, 20x20, 2006

Between PT on my shoulder three times a week and the ever lengthening lake house list of things to do... life is full. I took a few digitals of recent work to look over and decide if finished. The included image is for sure ready to sign, it's the one I showed in progress a few posts ago. I must say, I'm most pleased with the effect on this small one... now to see how it translates to larger sizes. Note the lines on some of the papers... these are original to my first efforts in France when the bare Plane trees worked their magic on me. I like what they add to the piece... must remember that variation. You can barely see the black paint of the sides, I've not done this before but it seems to work on these raw canvas pieces. I will often run the edge of a loaded flat brush around the edges to give a painted line but the sides are most often painted with same colors and style as the front.

We have a new Sunflower, and the promise of a companion Sunfish to go with it! Life is good! We'll put the boat in the water today, down by the dam since we wouldn't be able to manuver it down our hill (a car path will eventually be cleared on the vacant lot but that's no help now.) So J will have to relearn his sailing skills in a quick hurry to get it back to our dock. I mustn't forget my camera!


Omega said...

I very much like the combinations in this work: hard line with soft, seeming random brush-y lines, bold opaque with translucency, firmness with movement.

meno said...

Yay for the boats. I have the pedaling kayaks from Hobie Cat that are incredibly cool and don't require me to learn to sail. Last time i did go sailing, in a laser, i ended up swimming in, towing the boat.

Lesly said...

Hallo Karen

I am new to your blog ... found via Tracy's. Isn't it lovely how finding one blog can lead to others one likes?

I am also new to trying abstract work, but its something I feel I want to explore further, - so reading about it from 'those who do' is very inspiring.

I am finding it particularly hard at the moment as no-one around me seems interested in abstract work. But I will keep trying!

You blog is full of interest ... thank you.

JohnBrooke said...

Dear Karen
Just a quick note to say how much I like your work, especially Pentimento. Your dedication to abstraction is both brave and adventurous in an era so caught up in the return to figuration.

In my own work, I find myself criss crossing between the two and to me your singlemindedness is inspiring.

I am following your journey with great interest.