July 30, 2006

Home Again

Returned home to learn of the death of an early art mentor... someone who made a big difference in my artistic self confidence... someone who gave me artful responsibility and said "Yes You Can!" when I was doubtful. I'll talk more about her another time, but right now I have some thinking to do.

Also returned home with 9 and 11 yr old g-daughters, one will be in Y camp with her cousins this week, the older will be my helpmate... maybe I can be her mentor in some way. It's going to be a very full week.

On a lighter note, I made magic with the Home Depot paint machine in NOLA... the kids had mistakenly picked out a caramel wall color but the new carpet called for something more along the lines of milk chocolate... so I asked the young girl* at the paint counter if she could add some purple to the paint... but, that will change the color!... yes, I expect it will. Turned out her idea of purple was magenta and now we have an orangish hue. Could you add some blue? Sure... she sez, with a puzzled look. Perfecto! A lush milk chololate that makes your mouth drool when you walk in their bedroom room. And I thought I had no color sense! Plus my new daughter-in-law thinks I'm a genius!

*Remember, the New Orleans Metro work force is seriously suffering since so many left for other areas, so I wasn't dealing with a lot of experience in this dept.


Omega said...

Great! I expect that you absolutely made the mixer girl's summer. She'll probably never forget that experience.

My sympathies on your loss. A friend/mentor of mine died recently and it was a strange feeling of somehow marking real time passing in one's own life too.

Walker said...

How could you of all people think you have no color sense! Your work is all about color....lush and layered.

KJ said...

Color is my achilles heel. I don't seem to see the nuances other people do. Have often wondered that as a 'carrier' of colorblindness from my father to my son, something in my own color genes might be askew. I'm much more comfortable with value. But thanks for your vote of confidence ;-)