June 09, 2006

Where Was I?

Venture Forth, 36x36, 2005Blogger pops right up this morning, looking innocently refreshed, showing no evil sneer or signs of remorse for having denied it's devoted public the right to post freely and willingly into the cybersphere... destroying a couple of well constructed attempts, even! The status page shows that there is much hustle behind our monitors and signs of improvement... and I'm sure there is!

One wonders if it wouldn't be better to change to a pay as you go blog and forget the freebie... you get what you pay for and all that. Well, here's my theory... if the service is free, it lasts for as long as the people behind it think it's a worthwhile service. I don't think Google is going anywhere soon and Blogger is the biggest monkey on the hill. I suspect they are having growing pains and must make proper adjustments. If you pay for a blog, the service ends when the payments end I'd like my ever-so-important-musings to hang around for awhile, just in case I need to remember what I said, even if I forget to pay my bills. And... the fact that you pay for something doesn't mean it won't break. Like that monopoly of an ISP I'm signed on to... try to make THEM understand that they need to fix what's broken!

In a now lost entry, I had much to say about this painting, but for now the title will have to serve as impetus for the day.


Tracy said...

This piece is beautiful. I am always partial to vivid reds and this one is really interesting. I look forward to hear what you have to say about it, although I am just enjoying looking at it for now.

KJ said...

Glad you like the painting... red seems to be my signature color, judging from pointed remarks from some observers. This is one of a series that I could rattle on about... doubt that I could reconstruct the lost post which I take as indication that maybe it's just as well vaporized.

Jacie said...

Hi there I stumbled upon your paintings about a week ago and I love them. I love their geometric construction, their architectural qualities. I was very interested in this bridge that inspired one of your paintings.

I too have been inspired by bridges. One near where I grew up in New Brunswick Canada, my brother and I used to walk on the cat walk, first, when we were about 7 or 8. The other is a suspension bridge in the badlands, the desert region of Southern Alberta.I haven't painted them yet, but I think I'm edging in that direction.

Yes your reds are beautiful! Thanks for inspiring me! Keep up the great work!

KJ said...

Just took a look at your work... what fun! Will watch to see what you do with bridges.

Jacie said...

Thanks Karen! That is awfully nice of you! I just came back to link your post about your bridge, as this afternoon I think I have discovered something that could help me get closer to those bridges. I always give credit to those who inspire me, today that was you!

ming said...

i love the sketches:)