June 30, 2006

Moe Brooker

Quick before I shower and head out, I found this review of a teacher and mentor for a brief period of time... just long enough to get some really good info stuffed into my head. A way to think about art, to process it, to make it my own. This happened at a formative time for me as I was searching for the meaning of abstraction and desperately needing a 'how-to'. Moe Brooker generously provided all of that. There are plenty of times when I really could use another shot of abstract adrenalin... wish I could see this show!


Ed Maskevich said...

Moe's works are stunning but then so are your paintings. I look at your online images to help give me a shot in the arm for my landscapes. You probably give an adrenilin shot to more people than you may suspect.

KJ said...

What a very nice send-off... I'll float to Memphis on my newly inflated ego. Thanks! KJ