June 13, 2006

Color Surprises

Aude 2, 48x24, 2001

Okay, so drawing is not my strong suit. And in recent days, the fact that I am also not a colorist has been reinforced. Our current household project is to clean and restain the exterior decks, railings and walkways, of which there are plenty. No biggie, right? Just pick out a stain that matches the house preferably slightly darker. Numerous trips, remixes, exchanges and we still don't have it right. Last year the house had to be painted earlier than necessary because I picked the wrong color for the metal gutters and trim which was supposed to matchbut clashed horribly. And I call myself an artist ;-/

I think the artistic path I chose, veering away from factual realism, had a lot to do with the fact that I can't see the fine nuances in color! My father and son were/are colorblind and the gene passed through me... making me think that I suffered some handling damage along the way. I've never read anything to suggest this is possible, and I certainly am not colorblind, but I sure seem lacking somehow. Anyway, we decided the hell with it and we'll try again three years from now when it's all to do over again. Maybe we'll get luckier with new color choices.

As for my studio workaround, not a problem. Color is as much a final surprise as the composition... it's just not planned in advance but surfaces through many layers of glazes, scumbles and mindchanges. The painting above is a personal fav which I've tried repeatedly to recapture on another canvas... I'm no good in that department either. Guess I'll have to settle for surprises.

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