May 28, 2006

Highway Time...

Bokusho 6, 20x20 ............... .....Bokusho 7, 20x20
Leaving early Monday for a week in NO,LA. Probably won't get to more than checking email as it will be a busy time with g-kids and wedding prep for youngest son.

Will be taking the Bokusho Series to my gallery there, the larger two are shown here, the other five in an earlier post. Will let you know the reaction. Hope to cull out some older paintings from her inventory, this is a good time of year to shuffle work around to other galleries, fix any dings, retire some for either my own collection or use as underpaintings for newer and better creative urges. It's encouraging when a gallery doesn't want to part with work, and I never take without leaving new work in it's place, but I know this one has a few pieces that must be harboring cobwebs by this time.

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Martha Marshall said...

Have fun, Karen! I know the gallery will love these. Good wishes to your son.