April 06, 2006

Stay Tuned...

Typing on a French Mac with qbout q third of the keys in the zrong plqce: No ti,e to strqighten this out; so it cqn be your puwwle for the ,o,ent: IĆ¹, leqrning qnd zill prepqr q ,essqge qnd cut qnd pqst::: qnd hopefully; zill be qble to get so,e pics up: Hqving q fqntqstic ti,e::: loving this plqce1 Later


Martha Marshall said...

Sorry Karen - I don't speak French!!!

(Hope you're having fun.)


Leslie Ficcaglia said...

Zklfzble - I mean, yikes! She's lost her English entirely, she has! What's happening to them over there? And will they ever be the same when they return?

Thanks for posting - er - I think. Nice to know you all arrived safely and are having fun, even if that French keyboard is wreaking havoc with your communication skills. French, Macs, all sorts of hurdles to leap.