April 27, 2006

Remember Me?

I'm the one who promised much and delivered little... still no pics up and way overdue in documenting my French experience. Will get to all that (another promise) but just wanted to remind all (including moi) that I didn't fall off the edge of the earth, I was just without all the computer support needed to keep my promises... and arrived home to find my faithful and favorite desktop wasn't cooperating (sulking, more like it!) But it's fixed and I'm on the case of getting things in order. Just know this... it was a great trip with a fine bunch of folks... and the eatin' was good!

Found this entry that was never uploaded, written in the last days of our residency, thought I'd might as well post it now:
Saturday, Apr 22...

I'm just about packed for the trip home on Monday. Sunday will be a busy day so I thought it best to get the bulk of it done and out of the way... find all the odds and ends that seem to wander away (evidence of reservations home, car rental papers, etc... even the American dollars shuffled away... now what safe place did I settle on? Ah, there's the passport, money and papers... all is well. Phone is charged and turned off to save the charge until I need it in Paris... should our flight be delayed or we have another miscue as we did coming in. But everything should go smoothly.

The last few days have not been newsworthy, though certainly enjoyable. As a group we are reaching out to each other a bit more, knowing that our time is short. Today we took all our work to the big studio and talked about it to the others... sharing our motovation and such. It was a good time and we realized we'd done more than we'd thought. Raya and Cheryl completed the most pieces, Annette has an impressive sketchbook/journal which she took out of the coil and spread out for all to see... the rest of us have a lot of 'work in progress' plus ideas to act upon and new directions to explore.

Seems there is a documentary crew here to film the center and we are supposed to put on some kind of painting show for background interest, I guess... ummmmmmmmm.... wonder if there's a lilac bush I can hide behind? However, if participating is some kind of payback for the use of these exceptional facilities, I'll do my part.

Speaking of lilac bushes, the whole scene has changed here... white cherry blossoms have gone and now perky little green cherries have replaced them. Dark purple irises edge aged stone walls, yellow fields of dandilions are fields of puffs, red leaf plums shock the dominant greens, new leaves of green-ocher on white barked poplars and plantane trees... and the lilacs... everywhere! I'm itching to get back to my garden of pots and rocks... determined to have wisteria somewhere.

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