April 30, 2006

The Patio House

Built on old ruins within the last few years and largely designed by the resident sculptor, Nicolae Flessig, the multi-level Patio House is a fascinating living and working space. Colorful roof and trim tiles help make it distinctively different, in a funky Mediterranean way, from the surrounding, straightforward buildings of a certain age and state of repair.

Included in the maze-like structure are at least two residences, the main Cat'Art office and library and two studios, one is designed for ceramics but it also made a good painting spot with it's large windows inviting plenty of light along with wide views of the surrounding landscape.

The sunken patio is the centerpiece with an olive tree growing out of the patterned, tiled floor.

Built-in benches line walls, note the rear side of the fireplace serving the outer terrace.

There are some fabulously whimsical, unique, hand-made chairs available to pull up to the tables. One wonders about the origins, where the ideas came from, how it all came to be... such stories could be told! Note the concrete and iron 'painting'.

A stained glass window,

stylized gargoyles, (this one, possibly a self portrait?)

and hand wrought iron gates, are just a few of the creative touches around the area. But I was always finding something that went unnoticed before. What a party place! No doubt, many good times have been had here... one small gathering grew into quite a crowd on one of our last evenings together.

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