February 02, 2006

1978, Primaries

1978, Primaries, Silkscreen Triptych.

I'd intended to mention what was going on in the studio these days, even took photos, but the camera is still downstairs and these prints popped up so here we are. Ever the gardener at heart, flowers often served as props, here are my basics, named for color basics.

I recall preparing for my first solo show at Green Garden Gallery in Montgomery, AL. My strength, at the time, was my serigraphs... I could sell them cheaply and repeatedly, just frame up another one. My editions were small however, usually between ten and twenty. I needed a focal point for the show and created these, when framed were about 25" high. The photos are poor color quality but I made a habit of saving the first numbered print of each edition for my own, and have plans to retake photos of all of them... someday. The serigraphy medium served me well from DC ('74) through Mongomery and Tuscaloosa ('86). I gave it up completely when we moved to New Orleans where screen printing was a high tech industry unto itself, and my primative methods had no place there. But it was time to move on.

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Martha Marshall said...

Ahhh, but low tech can be a very good thing, as you've shown so brillianty here!!