January 06, 2006

To Blue Or Not To Blue

Woke up this morning thinking about the differences in buyer types I mentioned yesterday... how those who buy for someone else might not care about oil vs acrylic, while those buying for themselves may have more concerns. I think I can extend this assumption to color as well, using these two galleries as my references. The decorator oriented gallery (they also sell to individuals but a lot of their customer base is professional) turns away anything I show them with blues or even blue greens (only applies to abstracts, blue sky and water are allowed.) Whereas the private customer based gallery actually asks for a more varied palette including blues. The painting shown here, 'Blue Angles 1' sold quickly and it's mate in the series sold a few months later... and recently another blue painting, 'Crescendo', shown earlier, sold after the storm... interesting because that painting is tumultuous in nature, and could well represent the essence of Katrina, though it was painting some time prior to the storm.

So my hypothesis is this... decorators are more concerned with what 'matches the sofa' than private customers who aren't afraid to use a certain color if it pleases them... particularly those who appreciate art for art's sake, not as a design element.

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