December 27, 2005

How Could I Forget?

No denying it, there is an area of my expertise that is no longer reliable. Going over my books, recording three checks from NOLA gallery, trying to figure it all out (her handwriting is a real challenge... and no statement, just scribbled notes at the bottom of the check.) Many of my sales through this gallery are time payments and our balances are not matching at all! So I've spent a large part of my day going over my inventory database and my balance sheet, trying to tie up loose ends... and some just don't tie!

And here's the scary part... there are sales that I don't even remember! Paid for, even... documented on both sets of my records! I remember the paintings, but no recollection of celebrating the sale. Okay... it's just a few of them, including 'Draft 1' pictured here, a personal favorite. And this has been a haphazard year with Katrina and aftermath... and lots of family drama going on. Don't panic, I tell myself, but I will turn my books over to my trained accountant husband who is a stickler for detail when it comes to money. It's enough to know that my paintings are still selling dependably... I no longer enjoy playing with the figures like I once did when I had to prove to myself again and again that they were real... not important anymore.

But damn! Forgetting about that painting is like forgetting a grandkid at Christmas... this is not acceptable!

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