December 07, 2005

1967 Oil Still Life

Two days caring for a feverish five year old kept me out of the studio, but with "Barbie Nutcraker" entertaining the babe, I was able to start some long postponed digitalizing of early works. I began painting when Joel gifted me with an oil painting set (complete in cardboard box) he picked up at the BX... this was in Montana, c. 1965, I immediately signed up for classes at the community center on base (Glasgow AFB, MT, now defunct) and began my journey as a wannabe artist. Images of the very first paintings are sadly deteriorated, but I was able to pull up most of the color on this '67 still life copy from a Walter Foster How to Paint book. I think it's a decent copy but I was never satisfied because it WAS a copy. I went on to paint from photos in magazines... and never much liked that idea either, except as learning exercises. Fun to look back...

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