November 17, 2005


To be honest, the day started out dragging... couldn't get a spring into my step at aerobics, blamed it on the shoes, but am still in slow motion at home. Need to get some better plastic wrap for some monoprints I'm offering up at NorDys for their holiday exhibit '$199 or Less' and for that price I sure don't expect to put mats and frames on them... but they are basically throw-away prints so I figured why not. But they have to be dressed up somewhat...

A call from my Atlanta gallery perked me up, the commission piece (painted to match another for a pair) went over well so that sale is a go, and she also mentioned that a number of my larger works are on hold for a big project... that would certainly make the year worthwhile. Seems like I always go into the autumn with my numbers in need of a big boost, and it's always a relief when/if it comes around. I also have several large works out on approval in Montgomery, fingers crossed there as well. So the numbers aren't firm, but the potential looks good. It certainly should help bring some of my WIPs to a finished state.

So back to the original thought... why am I bothering with the small stuff when the potential for real sales is looking good? Dunno... but maybe it's bad luck to turn your back on any possibility. Maybe because I remember too well when it was the little stuff that gave me my break.

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