November 22, 2005


The painting is titled 'Parkway' and for the last few months it has been sort of stored at a gallery in Knoxville, waiting for me to come pick it up and thereby sever my connection with that gallery... at my initiative, not theirs, but I'd explained that I was unable to keep a full inventory at all galleries and needed to cut back... but actually, I figured there were better art cities than Knoxville TN. Now I hear that the 60 x 36 painting has been sold... and of course that is good news but it also creates a bit of a pickle. The painting is on the NOLA galleries Virtual Exhibition show... must call Carol and explain... we were supposed to be holding those paintings for her use even though they weren't in her gallery. And lots of other problems are in the mix. But I'm realizing that the Knoxville gallery is run by very experienced people and it would be foolish of me to cut and run when they can move big stuff! So sure, I promised them more work... Yikes!

Atlanta just emailed and confirmed that I will have a show next fall to coincide with the Atlanta Art Gallery and Museum Guide which will carry my work on the front and an article inside. And... two more big paintings sold! November has been good for me... I'd sure better get back in studio on a regular basis. Next week after all have returned home for sure!

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