October 13, 2005


I'm in trouble... don't know if I'll make my goal or anywhere close to it. I'm realizing that whatever it is that I'm doing is mediocre at best and not likely to get any better. I could make excuses all day long, my eyes are going, my hands are unsteady, it's been too long since I worked in this manner... but it remains crap, every one of them... to the point of not even being able to bring them to a photo state so I can put them up. Embarassing, is what!

So... I took a break and tried my hand at a couple of landscapes... same junk, worse than mediocre. So what do I do? I've got this big investment in oil paints... I need to take another path, I need to bring in some of my own, earned, creative expertise. Stop planning and just let it happen. Allow the use of multi media and work larger... these tiny little cards are for the birds!

Okay... stay tuned... KJ

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